A Mommy Mess of a Morning

This morning I was a “mommy mess”.  I completely forgot that it was Brady’s special person day (bring snack and sharing). I was in panic mode!  Those feelings and thoughts that sneak in and tell us Mommies that we are not good enough, that we have totally blown it and truly believing that our children will forever be scarred by this tiny act of neglect were growing by the second.

Since my workplace is also Brady’s school these wonderful women I work with swooped in!  Brady’s teacher, gracious as ever assuring me that it would be okay, cause really what 4-5 year old doesn’t love our backup of Goldfish? She even offered the apples that they were going to play with as snack instead.  I rushed to my classroom, the lone box of Graham Crackers meant for emergency’s had found its “emergency”.  But I still felt like it wasn’t enough, I wanted them to have some fruit to eat, and to play with in class!  Then, another​ heard me, without hesitation she offered to run to her nearby house to grab apples (out of her pantry) for Brady’s class!  She is so kind, and has a way of offering in a way that I felt like I could say yes!

And then Brady looked at me and said “what about sharing?”.  Never have I been so happy to be a bit of a mess in my car, I ran out to the car and grabbed his favorite bat for sharing time!

Turns out that I didn’t project my panic onto Brady. He was as cool as can be as I tried to get it together and accept the help offered. I realized that I hadn’t ruined his day. He wasn’t going to blame me for this misstep forever and cost me thousands in therapy bills. He will probably still get into a good college despite my frequent forgetfulness of providing snack for my children’s classes (it is habitual – ask last years Kinder teacher​).

But it was a close one!  If the same situation had happened with child #1, I would have been in tears for the rest of the day,  truly believing that I would carry the guilt of that day on my shoulders forever.  A few kids later and I can’t even remember all things that were sure to cause lifelong therapy bills.

I truly am thankful to be surrounded by women that care for me and for my children. That all understand that we can’t be on our A game at every second, and will swoop in to be my much needed village! Because of them, I was able to put that mommy guilt that was attacking me to the side and go on to have a great day!

I don’t believe that this morning was really about me. It was a reminder from God TO me! A reminder that when things go wrong in your own life, it isn’t always about YOU!    I will take this moment and these feelings to lift up women and mommies.   Purposefully seek to be “the village” of the preschool mom’s I encounter!  I will remind them that they are doing a great job! And I will love on them, just as I love on their children!